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Pusiga Road Under Construction – First Tar Since Independence



Pusiga Road is under construction. This is the first time this neglected road has witnessed heavy machinery ploughing the road to ensure the rural folks acquire a tarred road.

It is sad to note that a renowned college of education, Gbewaa College Of Education which has been in existence for over 60 years is situated at Pusiga, yet, nothing was done in relation to the road.

This road also serves as a linking road to Burkina and Togo. Articulators and heavy dutied cars use this road, however, the road was left bare with no hope of development ever occurring anytime soon.

The people were excited and are still excited since works began on the road.

Before the onset of the road construction which is still ongoing, the road was dusty, rough giving drivers hard time especially during the dry season. Due to the dust, accidents keep occurring, and one such instance, led to a young gentleman losing his leg in an accident.

For the raining reason, cars keep falling in ditches because water is collected in potholes. We believe that this unwanted situations will come to an end as government has put in place measures to ensure contractors work on the road to give the people a befitting tarred road.

Paulina Atenei Anaba is a Ghanaian freelance journalist and blogger, an entrepreneur, and a french tutor at Gbewaa College of Education. She is currently writing for Ghana's vibrant entertainment blog, and her personal blog, She holds a degree in English and French from U.C.C. A Masters degree in French (Linguistics) from the University of Ouagadougou. she is a team player and can work under any circumstance.Contact her on 0549614358 and to publish articles in your community and also to help promote and upload songs as well on our page. For your translations from French to English and vice versa, contact her.

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