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Bra Dea Foundation is a charity organization based in Sunyani, the capital of the Bono Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Bra Dea Foundation

The organization has been operating for the past 6 six years with Michael Edwards Kwasi as its founder.
Our mission and vision is to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged in society.

BRA Dea Foundation

We have touched lives in the area of helping the sick,the needy and empowering deprived schools and also assisting brilliant but needy students.

Bra Dea Foundation

We have embarked on projects like
1.Jollof for the needy (jollof rice and chicken party for orphans)
2.Slices of love(pizza and drinks for kids with autism)
3.Her first period (Menstrual hygiene education and distribution of sanitary pads)
4.Onipa hia mmoa ( a prison outreach)
5.One student, one maths set( distribution of mathematical sets for students)

Bra Dea Foundation

Currently, we are embarking on a project we have dubbed the “Stay in school campaign” which is basically a distribution of teaching and learning materials to students in deprived school. Our target is to serve not less than 10000 in the Bono Region with mathematical sets,exercise books, note books,pens and long rulers.
The project has already started at Abesim in the Sunyani Municipality.
To support this project,you can donate to:
Bra Dea Foundation- Momo…0596012459

Or pay using PayPal account:

Bra Dea Foundation

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