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Laser Hair Treatments: Thinking Of One?



Laser Hair Treatments: Thinking Of One?
P in cture of laser treatments

Do you want to get rid of hair on your skin or any part of your body? Is it your chest, armpit, face, legs, hands, or pubic?Has laser hair treatment ever crossed your mind?

Well, we often wonder how laser hair removal will be? It will surprise you to know that laser treatments can be quite pleasant.

It is mostly a private session and lays a lot of emphasis on discretion. This is because, the spaces set for the treatment are usually sound proof to prevent sound or conversations from being heard by others.

 Laser Hair Treatments: Thinking Of One?

Picture of laser treatment

Laser hair removals are usually done in comfortable settings. There are cushions to prop you up and sometimes you can easily doze off. And of course when the technician wants you to shift or change position, he will wake you up to do so.

Laser hair removal treatments are less painful as compared to waxing. The laser permeates the skin follicles leaving a slight redness that fades after the treatment is over. With laser treatments, no need to worry about skin abrasions or razor burn.

Moreover, it also requires that you stay away from doing some activities for a few hours. This is to ensure that the skin is protected rather than avoiding pain.

This treatment does not take long. The duration depends on areas you want to treat. So for your first session, an hour will be okay.

Laser Hair Treatments: Thinking Of One?

Picture of laser hair treatment me

Wait a while after you complete the session. Apply aloe or lotion to the area treated and rest or relax.

You can have a permanent laser hair removal if you have yearly touch up sessions. And it can even take you years before you see any regrowth.

According to plastic surgeons, the average cost is $285 per session. The cost varies based on size of the area to be treated and the time required.

Most people who go in for laser treatments need to go through 4 to 6 sessions. It should be done every six weeks. So the full treatment can take as long as nine months.

In Ghana, we have various treatment centres that can assist you.



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