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Sad news hits Ghana at the Independence day



It is usually impossible to know when you have prevented an accident.

An accident is an unplanned event that sometimes has inconvenient or undesirable consequences, other times being inconsequential. The occurrence of such an event may or may not have unrecognized or unaddressed risks contributing to its cause.

As today marks the 64th Independence day of Ghana, several passengers injured in an accident on Accra – Mankesim highway today 6th March, 2021.

The report said the incident which happened on the Mankesim – Accra Highway was involved two buses collided at around 4:30am at dawn local time in Apam junction, near Winneba Junction in Central Region of Ghana.

According to an eye witness to the scene, a sprinter from Mankesim tried to overtake before crashing into the Ford leaving Accra.

According to the reporter, passengers in both cars could not get down after the accident occurred because of the way and manner the cars had spoiled.

Since it was closer to Apam community, the people around immediately came to the aid of injured people and quickly rushed them to Apam government hospital.

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