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If the prosecution has not been able to prove that his goat was stolen, why must the thief speak – Abronye DC



The controversial politician Mr. Kwame Baffoe, popularly known as Abronye DC is the Bono Regional Chairman and a communicator of the New Patriotic Party has said that, if the prosecution has not been able to prove that his goat was stolen, why must the thief speak.

Speaking on United Television (UTV) morning show today 16th February, 2021, Mr. Kwame Baffoe said, the fact that someone the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in court today does not mean that anything that they brought to court was genuine.

As I speak with you today, the National Democratic Congress NDC is very lucky that the Supreme Court of Ghana has not charged them for wasting their time in court. This is because, they have not been able to present to the Supreme Court and the people of Ghana the exact figure that they had after their own coalition, he said.

So if the Lawyers of Mr. John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) cannot tell the general public the number of votes their party and candidate had in the 2020 General Election, why are they expecting the Electoral Commission Chairperson, Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa to stand before the respectable court of the land and the good people of this country to say what they themselves don’t know, Abronye DC added.

The New Patriotic Party NPP cannot speak for the Electoral Commission Chairperson in this case but at least, everyone else who has followed the Supreme Court Petition can attest to the fact that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has not given Ghanaians what we are waiting for.

So if the National Democratic Congress continue to fail to tell the Supreme Court what they need, then Ghanaians shouldn’t have problem with the Supreme Court for not calling Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa to speak in court, he finally added.

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